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DJ with his new washer

DJ with his new washer
Piedra Alta, Uruguay

Ramon's Baptism

Ramon's Baptism

DJ and new Companion Elder Craynor

DJ and new Companion Elder Craynor

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Week 90

Barnacle bill the sailor
Monday, October 3, 2011 6:40 AM

Dear family,

It`s good to hear from you. Thanks for writing weekly. I`m doing well here. Conference was really good. There was a huge theme of trusting in our loving Heavenly Father even in the midst of trials and difficulties. President Monson is awesome and he announced 6 new temples! 2 of which are in Africa. How cool. PS. Where is Star Valley, WY. President Holland`s talk was bombdiggity. I totally called it too...before conference even started I guessed that he would speak in Priesthood. There were many talks that I really enjoyed (obviously) but Elder Christofferson`s talk on repentance was really good too. Elder Hales doesn`t look like he`s doing too well, but at least he was able to speak this time. In April, he didn`t even talk. We had 2 investigators go (of the 8 or 9 that we were expecting), but they both loved it. They both went to the Sunday morning session. Actually for us everything is in the afternoon. We watch it live so on Saturday we had sessions from 1-3, 5-7, and priesthood from 9-11. Then we actually went forward an hour on Saturday night so Sunday we watched from 2-4 and 6-8. It went by super fast. I remember 18 months ago after my first conference here when Dad told me that we would have the next one before we knew it. And here we are and all 4 of mine are gone. What a joke.

I`m trying to send pictures, but I don`t know if they want to today. Thanks so much for the birthday gift. Good munchies. If the pics go through, you`ll notice that one of the pics is the bday gifts. I also have included pics of Bernard (the purple manta ray) who has grown loads in these last 3 weeks.

Random between sessions on Saturday, they were showing something on family history and they had a dude from Rochester on it. I never realized that people from Rochester had accents before, but this guy reminded me a lot of Adam Mancuso...and others. Also, I was thinking, I would recommend that as of December, you no longer send anything to me, and try to get the word out to others (i.e. family members and put it on facebook). Anything that people may want to send me for Christmas should be reserved and just given to me when I get home because I more than likely will not receive it here.:)

About our area, things are improving. We have investigators now. We are teaching various couples as well. We`re still working on getting them to church, but there is progress. It`s been a struggle (and still is), but we`re trying to do everything we can. There are some really good members here.

On Friday, my comp and I went to the store and bought little cake things and a liter of blueberry ice cream to celebrate. Woo Hoo!

Hope everything is going well with you guys. I got my ballot, a postcard and letters 86 and 88 this week. Thank you :) Say hi to everybody. Hope I`ve answered all the questions. I love you all tons.

Love always,


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