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DJ with his new washer

DJ with his new washer
Piedra Alta, Uruguay

Ramon's Baptism

Ramon's Baptism

DJ and new Companion Elder Craynor

DJ and new Companion Elder Craynor

Monday, May 30, 2011

Week 72

Hi family
Monday, May 30, 2011 9:36 AM
Hello family,

Well it has been a week since I last wrote. That`s a nice picture of the garden. Hopefully it’ll work for you guys.

Well, this last week went well (to be read better than the previous week). At least we were able to find some more people to teach. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And they are all pretty great too. We found this older couple who are super awesome. And get this.....they don`t drink. don`t smoke. and THEY ARE MARRIED. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We`ve only had one lesson but I`m excited already. Giggles.

Yesterday I gave a talk in sacrament meeting on preparing ourselves to receive personal revelation. It went well and people complimented me on it.

So I received the music. Thanks a ton. But I haven`t gotten anything else because the mail is now even more crazy than usual. I think they`re changing things around or something. So yeah. I`ll keep you guys posted. At this rate, you`ll have to stop writing to me on my birthday. Hee hee.

As far as the whole weather thing, we got a little rain last week and it`s definitely starting to get colder, but I`m holding up pretty well. I don`t have a particularly hard time with cold weather anyways. I have noticed, though, that I have a huge craving for Christmas right now (like from home). Because what happened...last June and July when it was winter here I didn`t need Christmas because I just had had it 6 months prior. Then when Christmas actually happened, my brain didn`t register it at all because of the lack of decorations and dearth of cold weather. In fact I sweated my face off. So now my brain sees it getting cold again and as far as it`s concerned, it`s been 17 months since I`ve had Christmas and it wants one. Sad times.

Well that`s cool about Scott`s internship, but I don`t really understand what ¨computer vision research for deception detection¨ means. font just changed arbitrarily. What.. Whatever. Cool for him. And yes Holly had communicated to me that she was going to be in London. Fun times.

Oh yeah, so the lady the zone leaders were teaching got baptized on Saturday. We went. It was super good. She`s changed a lot since I first met her. I`ll copy the little thing that they publish in our newsletter so Patrick can try to translate it.
Historia de Conversión de

Hilda Gutiérrez
Ella es una mujer de 52 años, vive sola, y era muy evangélica, a tal grado que estaba organizando una iglesia en su casa, cuando era el momento de orar, ella lloraba y gritaba, al paso del tiempo y ayuda de los miembros comenzó a comprender lo que es la doctrina de Cristo, entendió de que existía una manera más pacífica para adorar a Dios, le invitamos a la capilla, ella fue y llevaba su ropa bautismal, al cabo de 7 semanas, tras muchas charlas de explicarle de la paz y tranquilidad que esto requería aprendió y supo por ella misma la veracidad de este evangelio, llegó el dia de su bautismo, con muchas pruebas y desafíos, su único acompañante (un perro) se perdió, ella dijo: “son pruebas”, con la ayuda de la oración, ella se pudo bautizar!! Y apareció su perro!! Ella es feliz, y tiene un testimonio de este único y hermoso evangelio verdadero.

Elder Llamín
Elder Erickson

The zone leaders are Elder Llamin and Elder Erickson in the area of Hospital. Oh good, my font changed back. Yay!

Well, I don`t have a lot more to report. We`re still going strong here, trying to learn as much as possible. I`m really grateful for the chance to be out here. It`s good stuff. Um, so enjoy moving into June. Bt the way, Cy`s birthday is Tuesday if you happen to see him. Oh I guess that would be tomorrow. So yeah.

Have a wonderful week. Don`t eat bugs.

Love always,


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