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DJ with his new washer

DJ with his new washer
Piedra Alta, Uruguay

Ramon's Baptism

Ramon's Baptism

DJ and new Companion Elder Craynor

DJ and new Companion Elder Craynor

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Week 21


Tuesday, June 1, 2010 9:36 AM

Hello all family and friends of mine,

I am not moving anywhere for at least another six weeks. I`m staying here in Toledo with Elder Nomani. :) I`m pretty stoked. We should have some pretty awesome baptisms this change...fingers crossed. Life has been pretty good...this past week was good but not as good as the last. Unfortunately the entire country of Uruguay is controlled by the weather. Thus, when it rained all day Saturday and a little bit of Sunday, nobody came to church...I don`t think we broke 50 people in church. so yeah. we had only one investigator (which is still success within itself).

Um, well, I got 3 letters at district meeting last week. I got #17, a letter from Grams, and a postcard from Dad. No mail this week because of changes. I`m expecting stuff to come because I know you guys send it, but I`m afraid that this address change screwed some things up bad. I haven`t yet received Kyle`s letter and he sent it like mid April or something. Don`t be surprised if you receive some things back, I`m afraid.

Ok, so Mom, I gave your email to one of the ladies here. She won`t spam you, I promise. She took a couple pictures of us with her family and she might be sending them to you via email. That`s why I gave her that email. I knew you`d appreciate it, if they arrive.

Also, if Patrick can get on facebook when he gets back and post a short thing on Cy`s wall wishing him a late happy birthday. I sent out a letter a couple weeks back so it should get there in August sometime...

Also, I don`t know what happened to Holly. I sent her a letter, must have been 2 months ago, and I don`t know if she got it before she left her school apartment. Maybe Patrick can figure that out too, via facebook, or you can call her mom or something. idk.

Oh, so my clothes are holding up pretty well, it`s just that the mission destroys things over time. No worries there. And some things I can buy here, but really low quality (for the most part) so that`s why it`s sometimes easier for you guys to send stuff.

Hey do you know of anyway to combat mold other than bleach? Our house has about 752.6% humidity and spawns mold faster than bunnies. So yeah, my pillow was attacked by a little bit of mold and if I don`t have any other ideas, I`ll just bleach the dude. That`s my question for that.

Also, I do really appreciate the mail even though it`s late. It`s nice to have mail and more detail too. Thanks for the reminder about Pres. Summers...hard to believe it`s already June, huh?

The cold is beginning to hit, but I`m surviving for now. It`s not too bad. The wind makes it pretty cold, but thankfully, I`ve never been one to get cold really easily. I eagerly anticipate your loving packages. Woo!

As far as transfers go, I`m stoked that I`m staying another change with Elder Nomani here. It`s awesome stuff. Elder Wally is the only one of us 4 leaving and he`s being replaced with a pretty awesome missionary from what I can tell. This elder has been in the offices for the past 5 anyways, yeah. good stuff.

So I mentioned earlier that it rained all day Saturday... but I wore my bootie things and my shoes stayed dry. Only the top part of the shoe near the opening got wet but that isn`t as thick and dried pretty quickly. They are awesome. POE TAYE TOE!

I`m going to wrap up here. Thanks for the emails and love. I appreciate you guys. Take care and enjoy your incredibly quick summer that just started.

Love always,


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