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DJ with his new washer

DJ with his new washer
Piedra Alta, Uruguay

Ramon's Baptism

Ramon's Baptism

DJ and new Companion Elder Craynor

DJ and new Companion Elder Craynor

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Week 7

Hello family and peeps,

All is well here. This week was longer than the last few have been. I dunno why. Anyhoo, I received letters 6 and 7 and the puzzle last night (regrettably I have not had time to do said puzzle yet, let me get back to you on that) as well as 2 letters from grandma and a letter from Cy. Please feel free to let them know that I got their mail if possible. Thank you so much. It´s nice to hear from home and what´s going on. No package yet. My guess is it´s in transit.

Good luck and have fun to Patrick on Saturday at cottonball. Good times. And I hope Chris is excited for track. If he hurts anything or pulls anything, that will be sad. That is all.

Very cool on Rachel´s acceptance into BYU.

The new companion is great. We get along really well (shocker to be sure...I hardly get along with anybody). Anyways, he´s pretty much caught up to our level, but no he will not be leaving early to go to the west mission. He will spend his last 3 weeks in one of the Latino districts as review and more practice. He is from Cedar City, but lived 8 years in Virginia.

Proselyting was ok. Not anything to write home about. Well actually I am writing home about Anyways, I´m not sick anymore, which is good. On the minus side, half of the MTC is sick (not me), so that´s kind of like rain on the whole parade thing. Anyhoo.

Yes, my vocabulary is still increasing and expanding, which is good, and I feel really comfortable teaching in Spanish. As long as I have the vocab, I feel really comfortable with it. My biggest issues are understanding spoken Spanish and vocabulary size. The first is very much related to the second because I understand less when I don´t know the words. Um, yeah. good story.

So I was going to write and tell you that we haven´t had the Green Brick of Death for 2 weeks (that large brick/cake thing of all of Argentina´s excess spinach and squash), but then we had it at lunch today, so my previous statement is no longer true. The end.

So please say hi to everybody who asks about me or who is keeping up on the blog. I´m glad they are so interested in my menial and somewhat boring routine. At least somebody is. ;)

Oh speaking of leaving. I have one more PDay here with normal schedule. However, the week after that (the 11th of March) I don´t know where I´ll be slash if that is even a pday in the field. Therefore I don´t know when you will be hearing from me that week. So don´t freak out if there is no email on the 11th because I´ll be moving between locations and settling in. And like I said, I have no idea when pday is in the field yet. K. No freaking out. bueno.

Oh, the president of the MTC is awesome. the first president I had (remember they switched about a week and a half in) was very sullen and quiet and kept to himself. This president is awesome. We see him all of the time (he and his wife). Both are extremely awesome. This is their 3rd mission together. They were mission president and wife in Neuquen Argentina, and then temple president and matron in Asuncion Paraguay and now here. So yeah, very knowledgeable and they love the missionaries and everybody loves them. They´re way fun too and speak really good Spanish. Pres George has even played frisbee with missionaries a couple of times. So yeah. Cool beans.

And cool beans about BYU and stuff. I sometimes forget the life goes on back home while I´m out here.

Oh tell Patrick congrats on his ACT. That´s way sweet, yo. And good luck to Chris in his piano competition. I knew nothing about it, but boo yah anyways.

Um, sauce.

Let´s see...I´m trying to figure out if there is anything else I want to talk about. Oh possibly that I´m excited to get out of here. I dunno if I´ve mentioned that yet. Anyways, it´s been a good experience here, but I´m ready to leave. I´m hoping times infinity that I get a good trainer.

Oh I know...would you mind putting a little something on the blog about how I really enjoy people´s mail and that I try to respond whenever possible, but I don´t know how much time I´ll have on Pdays when I move out to the field, so I am in no way, shape, or form ignoring them or hating them. It´s just that I am busy. But I seriously do love when people think of me. End transmission. Eventually if I get busy enough. I may just have to have you guys pass on messages or something. I dunno. We´ll cross that small stream when we come to it (probably by jumping), so I´ll let you know later.

Feel free to pass on the whole "I love piano and music" sentiment along to Aunt Margaret. She´ll be pleased to hear. After all, it´s partly because of her (isn´t it) that I took piano in the first place. Also, when and if you tell her that, feel free to mention that her name is now pronounced Ce-BA-shos because the double L makes a "sh" sound. Be warned that it is also quesadiSHA and tortiSHA now. :)

Mmk family and friends. Tis all that I can think of for now. Take care during this next week. If there´s anything I forgot to tell you, hopefully you will get it telepathically. :) Joy to the world.

Love always,

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