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DJ with his new washer

DJ with his new washer
Piedra Alta, Uruguay

Ramon's Baptism

Ramon's Baptism

DJ and new Companion Elder Craynor

DJ and new Companion Elder Craynor

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Week 4

again...too fast

Thursday, February 4, 2010 6:32 PM

¡Hola All!

Another week come and gone. Just like that. Wow. Craziness. Things are going well here, but extremely fast. See above sentence for clarification.

Um, first of all, I have received shampoo (it may have exploded or felt slimy and I need to check it out) as well as envelopes\pens. Thank you so much. :) I also got letter 2 and 3, so I got the stamps in there. Much thanks.

In response to Dad´s email. I have evidently not received your letter yet (see above paragraph). Yes we contact as 3 and it is awesome. We work really well together. We´re actually only 3 on the streets. Otherwise, we are 4. In class and practices and stuff, we practice the 3 of us along with the Hermana in our district. She has a "companion" who is in a complete other district and on a completely different schedule. So she practices and teaches with us and stuff. It´s really fun actually, and it´s great preparation for when we only have to work with one person. As far as Sundays, we sing, pray, and give our talks in Spanish, but the President and Hermana George speak in English.

That´s great to here about Travis. Is his mission pouch? I want to know. If it is, I can just zip him letters for free. Calvin he pouch?

Please let Grandma know I got her letter yesterday and am replying, but she won´t get it for a couple of weeks probably

I got a haircut today by this bizarre haircutter...he comes to the MTC and cuts everybody´s hair, but bizarrely. He buzzes the side and then just cuts the top, but he brandishes and snips the scissors like he a maniac. Haircuts are weird. Oh well.

Ok. proselyting. Last Saturday was a good experience and we found some interested people. I really enjoyed just being able to go outside and see parts of the culture. We were driven about 20 minutes from the MTC. Also, I very much enjoy just listening to people speak. I don´t understand too much, but it´s nice to see what I can pick out. I don´t have any particular stories this week (I don´t think) so yeah....

Um, we are doing an English fast this week...basically no English. Yeah, easier said than done...we speak a lot of English still because we don´t know enough to comprehend our classes if they were in all Spanish. Monday was the worst I think. I exerted my brain so hard that day, that I literally gave myself a headache. I was working so hard to try to comprehend and speak Spanish that my brain leaked out of my face into a puddle on the floor. It was bad. Anyways, it´s been fun, and a good experience. I think I figured out that I´m learning\reviewing about 100-125 words a day on our computer program here...and that´s not counting all the other Spanish we do. So yeah, it´s a lot.

Let´s see...what else. Oh yeah, I think you said the addresses were in the mail. That´s good. Thank you. I want to write Aunt Margaret and Cy, and Kyle. Holly sent me a letter the other day, I got it yesterday actually, but I was really happy. She sent those pictures, you know the one when we were like 4 and then one very recent one. I was giggly inside. More or less.

Tell Cy I say hi and that I hope he´s doing well with school and all. Say hi to everybody for me.

Oh, I know! Please ask Cy what type of Spanish he speaks. I´m curious. Mostly I just want to know the double l sound he uses and if he knows the name great. Possibly Lyndsay Thompson too, if Patrick wishes to ask. I´m just curious to know. Anyhoo, the little red flashing timer of death indicates to me that my life is about to expire. I´ll sign out now and be back in a week, which will seem like a day. Crazy.

Love you all,


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