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DJ with his new washer

DJ with his new washer
Piedra Alta, Uruguay

Ramon's Baptism

Ramon's Baptism

DJ and new Companion Elder Craynor

DJ and new Companion Elder Craynor

Monday, April 26, 2010

Week 16

Monday, April 26, 2010 6:28 PM
Hello fam fam fam family!!!

It`s another week here in good ole Uruguay! can I get a woop woop baller?? Thank you.

Anyways, I`m super stoked that you guys sent some boot have no idea. I`m like having a party inside my brain right now. Woo! I haven`t received them yet, but it does sometimes take a while to get from the office to the zone leaders home. I`m excited. I also received the card from Dad with the pics...sweet times. Also letters 13,14,15 with the card thingy. Woop! Also an email from Bernie. That`s cool and a letter from Grandma and a letter from my roommate Ben! He got his mission call to Frankfurt Germany and leaves June 23rd. It`s super exciting. Also my friend from my ward last semester who is here in the mission with me is actually in my zone so I’ll get to see him every week at district meetings. Sauce.

Speaking of district meetings, they were switched to Mondays and then pday was extended to include the rest of the day (we used to leave at 6 to work). Thus I can open my mail right away but that means an extra week for response on my end because I can`t send them out until the next Monday. Cool beans though.

So my new comp is awesome . Yes he`s from Oregon and before the mission, he played O-line for Oregon State. He`s huge. He`s about 315 pounds and a couple inches taller than me. His feet are size 17. Heavenly Father sure knows how to bless us. My biggest anxiety down here was clothes really, but now I have somebody who has the same problems finding shoes and whatnot to ask different questions. I guess his parents had to send him a pair of shoes somewhere along the way...I suppose you guys will have to do the same eventually, but all is good now. I glued my shoes using pretty much super glue (it`s novopren) and so far so good. It`s sweet. but yeah, comp is sweet. He is laidback like I am so we get along really well, and I have high hopes for success this change (hopefully 2). We set a couple of baptismal dates as goals more or less last week, but at least there are goals. We also found some really good potentials. My biggest fear is that we won`t have enough time to visit everybody as frequently as we want/hope to. Our area is huge. I have a feeling that this change is going to fly by.

Hey there is a new address to send stuff to, here it is:

Elder David Joshua Thornton
Uruguay Montevideo Mission
Dalmiro Costa 4635BIS
C.P. 11400
Montevideo Uruguay

Something like that above. Basically the first two lines are the same and then the middle part changes. So yeah. Send letters and packages here. :)

Oh, so also my comp has been out for almost 19 months...he goes home in October. He`s on his 4th pair of shoes I think, so that might give you some idea. He speaks pretty good Spanish too. He is an anomaly in his family as both of his parents are short and his Dad is 5`4 and his Mom 5`0 or something, but they are wide. My comp is just huge.

I have no need of anything this week, except for a box of small envelopes would be nice whenever you send the next package out. I don`t know how easy it is to get envelopes down here and I`m conserving right now.

We had a little rain last night but it`s been pretty nice. On change days, it is just a huge mall really and we just pretty much take over a small part of it with luggage and missionaries and stuff. We got there last week at like 8 or something and left at 3. So we have time to just hang out as missionaries and do shopping, email, eat, and whatever we feel like.

Glad to hear that things are going well back at home. I think I`ll be ok for jackets and warmth and whatnot...things should be alright. luckily, I don`t tend to get cold as easily as others do. Glad you have apricots. that`s always good. I`ve had peaches here a couple of times like we have back home,the canned ones. It`s nice.

Things are going well here. I`m having a good time at least. Although I`ve decided that it`s going to take some serious self control to not spend all my college money on American things when I get back. ;) Nah, just kidding, but sometimes I do just want a nice box of macaroni and cheese or some small Reese`s. Oh well, the sacrifices we make for blessings. :D

Have a great week all. I`ll be back again in no time.

Love always,


PS Congrats to Angela and Trevor
PSS Oops! I forgot a funny story. There are a lot of animals around here. Anyways, we were at a house clapping the other day and there was a sheep. So Elder Nomani went to play and the sheep wanted to avoid him. Elder Nomani was stepping on his rope and the sheep decided that jumping would be a good way to avoid him. Hence, the sheep took a jump and cratered himself into a ditch. seriously...cratered. It was the funniest thing I`ve seen in a while. He didn`t realize that a) Elder Nomani was on his rope and that b) his foot was caught in the rope. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHA....dumb sheep. I also saw a dog faceplant when it slipped on a wet bridge. good stuff. peace

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