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DJ with his new washer

DJ with his new washer
Piedra Alta, Uruguay

Ramon's Baptism

Ramon's Baptism

DJ and new Companion Elder Craynor

DJ and new Companion Elder Craynor

Monday, March 29, 2010

Week 12

Word word word, family!!

Thanks for the emails and whatnot. Good stuff. I also got letters 9 and 10 last week at zone conference (that was really nice, Two zones met together, and we had some good messages and good times in general) as well as a letter from Dad. Hopefully the mail is trying to fix itself. I still am not entirely sure how it all works here. I assume that Grandma is still writing at least occasionally, but I haven`t heard from her in about a month. Just let her know it`s not my fault and I`m thinking of her. I`m sending a letter to her today.


So I`m not afraid of getting mugged...but there have been issues with robberies. Not a huge issue, I just want to be prepared. Also, I`m praying that Heavenly Father will protect my stuff (especially journals and pictures) as weird as that sounds, it`s a righteous desire I feel so yeah. um. Speaking of robbers, we have one kind of shady spot in our area that is fine during the day but can get shady at night. The other night, Elder Apaza just had a feeling to go home a different way. Come to find out the next day, there had been some armed robber in the shady area. He had broken into some recent converts house and apparently tried to harm her or something...I didn`t catch much of the conversation. It`s nice to know that we are protected if we are righteous.

So this message is really scatter brained because I have a list of things to mention.

So something interesting. In addition to water going the opposite way here, the moon is backwards. In the US when the moon makes a C, it is getting smaller "Cautious" and a D is "daring" and it`s getting bigger. It`s the opposite here. Good story.

So I think they only have one law here for drivers and that is that as long as you don`t kill anybody or get in accidents you can do whatever you want. It`s crazy to the extreme.

The baptism was Saturday night and it was nice. I performed the baptism. Good times. It was nice and spiritual of course.

Um, so there is a lady in the branch who is Janice`s twin, I swear her mannerism, her appearance, her voice, her actions, everything reminds me so much of Janice. It`s uncanny.

The members here are awesome, but I feel so sorry for some of them. Some of them have next to nothing, material wise. One guy, Hermano Diaz is one of the nicest guys I`ve ever met. He feeds us every Sunday even though he has so little. He lives in a small house made out of cardboard and sheet metal. His faith is amazing though. I`m so glad that the Lord can bless people spiritually even when they don`t have a lot of material stuff. This Hermano is one of the most spiritually rich people I know here. That`s all; it`s just hard to think about how much we have that we take for granted.

Happy birthday to Velvet a couple of weeks ago. I forgot to mention it last week, but it is in my journal on the 18th. Cheers to her.

In case you are curious, I am inToledo right now. I suppose you can find that on the map. It`s about an hour north, northeast (I think) of Montevideo.

Oh, so I`m pretty sure the first thing I`ll buy when I get married is a washing machine. I have to do all of my laundry by hand here. Well I could take my shirts to members but if I do, then they`re not on my timetable and I may have to wear a shirt for a week like my comp did. So yeah, I do it all. Fun times.

Ok, that`s all of my stuff for now, let`s answer questions.

No, no new pets this week, although there are animals running around everywhere. It`s crazy. The computer is in a public location. Yes, I was dry. we had absolutely clear skies all week until today and now there are some clouds. But yeah, it`s nice. Thanks for the prayers and everything. I`m trying to just go with the flow and learn as much as possible. It`s crazy sometimes. rawr.

The assistants and secretaries have cars but that is it I believe. There are lots of buses that we take to district meetings and transfers and other boogboogboog like that. My district leader is from Roy Utah and his comp is from Tooele Utah. Yep, good story. They`re both really cool but the district leader and I get along really really well. Both sarcastic people ;) pdays, not much by fun except hang out and talk and clean and write letters and do laundry. Other areas sometimes play basketball or something. No restaurants yet, haven`t really seen any at all in our area. Yes people are friendly.

I don`t have enough time, I think I`ll write you guys a letter or something, possibly.

The shower sticks out of the wall in the bathroom and it has some pressure and we do have a little bit of hot water. It`s definitely not as bad as it could be. It could be a trickle of cold water. so yeah.

Thanks for the emails, the letters, the prayers and everything. I gotta go. Have a great week. It`ll be gone soon, I feel.

Love always,


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