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DJ with his new washer

DJ with his new washer
Piedra Alta, Uruguay

Ramon's Baptism

Ramon's Baptism

DJ and new Companion Elder Craynor

DJ and new Companion Elder Craynor

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Week 62

Monday, March 21, 2011 1:53 PM
Hello family family family,

Well today is my last day in this wonderful little area. The crazy part is that it`s my comp`s last day too. Yep. They did what is called a whitewash where they take out both missionaries at the same time. There is a pretty good seasoned missionary coming in who has been a zone leader previously. He seems like a solid missionary and he will be training a new missionary. Yep, they should be able to get a rocking start and keep with the momentum. I mean they are coming right in having a baptism. And then they have 2 more 2 weeks later. The good part is I feel really confident leaving everything in the hands of them and the ward. The members here are so involved with the investigators.

My comp and I are both going to the city of Durazno, but we`ll be in different areas. We could be in the same district, but we`ll for sure be in the same zone. I`m going as a junior companion to be with an Elder Polera who has 2 changes more than me I believe. And my district leader here made the comment that he thinks I`m going there to help him. Alas, such is my lot in life. I just bounce around the mission helping people. I`m not complaining. I got 2 awesome changes with the best kid on the planet to have as comp and we did missionary work the way it`s supposed to be done (or so we feel). I don`t think we have any regrets about our work over these 12 weeks. We averaged exactly 7 investigators in church each week for that period of 12 weeks, which is really good considering that getting 5 there is solid. The only slightly unfortunate news is that I`ll be once again living in a house of 4 elders...supposedly we`re living with the zone leaders. Oh well, it`ll be a good change. I can`t believe that I`m entering my 10th change in the field.....double digits already. Oots. We have conference in 2 weeks. Hooray! And I`ll probably get to watch it with my comp now since we will be in the same zone.

Congrats to BYU. How cool would that be if they won the whole thing. Oh yeah.

So, when I called the members here and told them, they were all shocked...and not entirely happy. But they`re awesome. They`ll help the new missionaries get into the swing of things. Today has been really bizarre. It hasn`t felt like Pday at all, but we`ve gotten a lot accomplished.

Let`s see. As far as investigators this past week. They`re doing well. We had 8 in church again yesterday. We had dinner with one investigator family on Wednesday and one on Thursday. Sadly, I got sick on Wednesday night and had to take the food home. I ended up spending that night feeling terrible. We had all of these appointments lined up with some of my favorite foods and I so desperately wanted to eat all of it, but I wasn`t hungry. The next day I felt perfect. And my throat didn`t hurt at all from vomiting, which is weird. There was absolutely no acid or anything. Hmmm.

I`m really excited to go to a new area, although I do hate packing. I`ve heard a lot of good things about Durazno (that means peach by the way). Supposedly it`s really pretty. I`m obviously going there for a reason, so we`ll try to figure out what it is. There should be some stuff to take pics of.

Speaking of pics, I`ve just attached various pictures that we`ve taken with members or investigators. There is also one picture of the full moon and a cool view of one of the streets in this area.

Today I`ve eaten really well...a lot of healthy food. I had ice cream and then a pudding bread filled with chocolate. Mmm. Although I did weigh myself and I`m losing weight. I`m now 77.2 kilos which is about 170 pounds. You may call me the bean pole. And yes I think I am still least that`s what I think and people have made comments. You could be in for a surprise when I get home.

I have nothing else to share with the class today. Any questions? Please be sure to raise your hands. Ooh!!!!!! I just thought of something...if it`s true that I live with the zone leaders, I should be able to get mail faster because the mail usually gets sent to them first. Hopefully. Fingers crossed.

Thanks so much for your love (whether willingly or unwillingly given) and your support. It`s such a blessing to be out here. And I absolutely love speaking Spanish. You should all learn so that you can communicate with me when I get home in case I just give up English for good. :D Sauce sauce sauce.

Have a wonderful week in the lovely spring time of the United States. We are getting cooler here, thanks to everything that is good and holy.

Take care of yourselves. I lurves you all. :)

Love Always,


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  1. Our son confirmed today that he replaced Elder Thornton. Please thank him for the preparation he did in this area. And if you want to see a picture of Valeria's baptism, I posted it here on Elder Whitaker's blog. Enjoy your missionary!