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DJ with his new washer

DJ with his new washer
Piedra Alta, Uruguay

Ramon's Baptism

Ramon's Baptism

DJ and new Companion Elder Craynor

DJ and new Companion Elder Craynor

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Week 33


Tuesday, August 24, 2010 7:30 AM

Hey now family,

Well life is good. I`m currently sitting here in Tres Cruces because my comp is leaving. He`s going to be with Elder Young from the MTC. My new comp is from Honduras and he has about a year and a half in the mission. I`ve heard really good things about him. We also have conference right at the end of this change. Woo! I don`t know much else about my comp now, but he seems really cool. I`m way stoked.

Just fyi, I did in fact think of my bros yesterday when they started school. how sweet. This school year will go by so quickly.

I`m glad to know that things are going on nicely back home. It`s definitely starting to heat up here but I think it`s supposed to get cold again before it warms up for good. Quite honestly, I`m not looking forward to summer time, not in dress clothes.

Pic update. 1 is of my district last change, 2 is of my zone, 3 and 4 are the front and back sides of a souvenir. that is a machete case and I`ll have the machete shortly, but there is a member who works amazingly with leather and stuff so he sketched and drew and painted this case. It has a picture of Uruguay, the flag, the mission symbol, and the Montevideo temple on the front, and on the back it has my name, the mission scripture, and the dates of my mission. it is a great souvenir. We also got awesome t-shirts made for our district with a Uruguayan type flag thing on the front and jersey style (with a name and number) on the back. Pics to come later.

Anyhoo, yes, we still have our awesome baptism scheduled for the 11th, this family is absolutely amazing. The changes we can see in people and families is absolutely incredible. We also have a couple of people who have good potential to get baptized but we`ll see what happens. I`m really hoping we can enlist the Lord`s help and get this area rolling. I see a lot of potential, but we`ll see if we can find a way to tap into it.

About a week and a half ago, I got a 10 page letter from Aunt Margaret that really made me think a lot about a lot of different things. Point of the story is, I wanted to just express my appreciation for all you guys did in my growing up years. I don`t think I sufficiently realize how hard you worked to raise us well. And when I see people with no manners, I appreciate it even more. You guys are seriously the best ever. :) and thanks for the support and stuff while I`m out here. I received letter 31 but haven`t read it yet and I`ll anxiously await letters and socks. I apologize for the lack of spiritual experiences, but other than this one family, we`ve been kind of lacking on the spiritual experiences.

Anyways, I love all of you very much. Have a great week, and we`ll catch you next Monday on the flip side.

Love always and forever,


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