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DJ with his new washer

DJ with his new washer
Piedra Alta, Uruguay

Ramon's Baptism

Ramon's Baptism

DJ and new Companion Elder Craynor

DJ and new Companion Elder Craynor

Monday, October 11, 2010

Week 40

another fun week

Monday, October 11, 2010 9:49 AM

Hey giggles and family.

Well another week of wonderful life has passed here in Minas. Things are going well as far as missionary work is concerned. I´ll clarify what I mean by that later. Yesterday we had another investigator family in church. These 2 are an older couple and are awesome. They were all set to be baptized about 30 years ago but weren`t married and so they left the church scene...with some bitterness I think. Anyways a couple weeks back we contacted into them and they told us their story. They also told us that 8 years ago they got married and so they are now all set to get baptized (and are willing to as well!) It`s amazing how the Lord prepares people. So they went to church yesterday and she actually got up and bore her testimony and it was really good. I was shocked and impressed. They were going to get baptized the 23rd but we have stake conference that week and all of the members will be in Maldonado that day. So they`ll get baptized the 30th...hopefully with another lady we have too. This other lady also received the missionaries before because she already had a Book of Mormon when we met her. We were actually having a lesson with a recent convert one day who is her neighbor and all of a sudden this lady walks in to chat with her friend. Well she ended up receiving the first lesson and loved it so much that the two of them came together to church the next week. This is actually 2 miracles because that Sunday was the first Sunday I had ever seen the recent convert in church as well. :)

Other than them, we actually have 2 more people with baptismal dates and we`re continually finding more. This last week we had a zone goal of 6 new investigators per companionship. We had 3 as of yesterday, but we went out working with faith and good attitudes and the Lord managed to help us find 3 new ones yesterday alone. They are pretty solid too, from the looks of it. I`ll let you know in the coming weeks what is going on with them. I`ve really just decided that our message is powerful and it makes so much sense. Every time I teach I am amazed at the sensibility and simplicity of our message. If God called prophets in olden days. Why the heck wouldn`t He call them today. DUH! I feel sad for the people who are confused by all of the many religions, but who aren`t willing to do anything to fix their confusion. We show up with all the tools to help them and instead they slam the door and refuse to be helped. Oops.

I got letters 35,36,37 and my well as letters from Grandma, Holly, and Calvin. Question. in Mom`s letter about the RS broadcast, she said that all of the wards were bringing salads and that the stake was providing a huge tossed is our stake suddenly huge on vegetarianism or something? But yeah. I`ll send the ballot out tomorrow and hopefully it gets there on time.

Hey can you send me Travis` address again. I may have lost it. Oh and let me know if these pictures are better. One is a zone picture from last change. The other large group pics are at my birthday party. I`m holding a guinea pig in one. 3 are at conference and the last one is in the back of a taxi. Oh also the first one is at Punta del Este. Don`t remember if I included it before.

Anyhoo, the new elder is from the states but his parents are Latinos, therefore he speaks Spanish and English perfectly.

Well that`s all for this week. Enjoy the pics. I love you guys a lot. Thanks for all the support. Take care.

Love always,


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